The air tightness of medical plastic bottle

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The air tightness of medical plastic bottle is very important for the drug not to be damp and bad during the effective period, and also to prevent the influence of light, heat and oxygen on drugs. Therefore, as a pharmaceutical plastic bottle manufacturer, we attach great importance to its air tightness detection.
What is medical plastic bottle air tightness? Simply according to relevant national standards for testing, such as detection of capsule of plastic seal reliability is a certain number of capsule plastic bottles, in each bottle in a moderate amount of glass ball, tighten cap method. Then, it is placed in a container with a suction device, and the water is immersed in water. The vacuum reaches the vacuum degree of 27kpa and lasts for 2 minutes. There is no water or bubbling in the bottle. Of course, to ensure that the airtight plastic bottle capsules are indexed, other economic indicators, such as sex and moisture-resistant oxygen and control, are needed to ensure the quality of shelf life products.
Also has launched in the market now seal tester machine, using the principle of vacuum cleaner vacuum chamber, make medicinal plastic bottles submerged in the water samples in the production of internal and external pressure difference and look inside the sample gas to escape, to determine the sealing performance, or through the vacuum of the vacuum chamber, make sample production pressure difference inside and outside, to observe the inflation of the sample and release the samples after the vacuum in the shape of a recovery, in order to determine the sealing performance.
The raw materials for medical plastic bottles are high density polyethylene, polypropylene and PET resin. High density polyethylene with qualitative light, non-toxic, colourless, odourless, tasteless chemical stability is good, is not affected by most strong acid, strong alkali and other solvents, cold resistance and abrasion resistance resistance wet performance is better also, and have enough strength, stiffness and impact resistance, it is easy to processing, suitable for hollow blow molding products. A certain amount of low density polyethylene and linear polyethylene can be added to adjust the processing and performance. Polypropylene has good mechanical properties, yield strength, tensile strength, high hardness, flexibility and resistance performance is superior, good chemical stability, resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, and most of the organic matter, good air tightness, water vapor barrier property, melting point 170 ℃ is especially suitable for high temperature sterilization and disinfection is an excellent manufacturing pharmaceutical plastic bottles, plastic materials, and also can be used to join PE blend to meet the requirements.
Medical plastic bottle should have sufficient rigidity and beautiful appearance, can attract users' eyeballs in appearance, and ensure that consumers can have a lot of choice and usability in use. The most common form of medical plastic bottle is round, square, oval and so on. From the point of view of use, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The round plastic bottle has a high stiffness, but it is not beautiful. The shape of the square plastic bottle is beautiful, but it is not easy to control the wall thickness of plastic bottle when forming.